April 25, 2011

Felt Bunny Treat Bags

I came across the idea for these adorable felt bunny bags on this great blog, Creative "Try"als.  I thought they would be perfect to use instead of plastic eggs in my kids' Easter baskets.  I made a few little changes to the cute bags Sue made.  Because I made 15 ( five for each kid ), they took a bit of time, but they turned out really, really cute.  The kids LOVED them and I know I'll use them for years to come.

Make sure you also check out the really fun Easter Morning Candy Hunt we did with our bags.

Check them out...

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  • felt ( I used some felt yardage I had left over from another project, but you could use the felt sheets as well)
  • acrylic paint
  • ribbon
1.  Cut your felt pieces for each bunny.  The size is pretty much up to you, depending on how large or small your want your bag.  I cut mine to be approx. 6x9" on the fold, so opened up they'd be 6x18".  If you're using the felt sheets, you'd fold it in half and cut to make two 6x9" pieces.

My felt cut out with the fold at the bottom.

2.  Now, cut out the ear shapes from each rectangle.

Starting to look like a bunny.

3.  Sew the front and back pieces together, leaving the space between the ears open.  Because mine was cut on the fold, I didn't have to sew across the bottom.  If you used two pieces, you'll sew the bottom too.

Edges sewn with space between the ears left open.

4.  Using acrylic paints, paint in the ears, nose and eyes.  I think it would also be cute to use patterned fabric and iron-on adhesive for these pieces.  ( I also added whiskers later, because I thought my bunnies looked a little bare without them )

Painting on the bunny's features.

5.  Let your paint dry and get your ribbon ready.

All fifteen bunnies soaking up the sun on my back deck.

6.  On the back of each bunny, cut two small vertical slits in between the ears.  Then on the front, cut two pairs of slits closer to the ears.  These will help hold your ribbon in place when you tie your bags closed.

Fold and cut the slits.

A little tougher to see, but the pairs of cuts are near the ears.

7.  Thread your ribbon through.  I added a drop of hot glue on the back of each bunny where I threaded the ribbon through to hold it in place, since we'd be reusing them and I didn't want to keep replacing ribbons.

8.  Fill your bunny treat bags, then tie them closed, adjusting the ears if necessary.

Good thing they also got toothbrushes and floss in their baskets!

If you have more than one kid, make sure you put EXACTLY the same amount in each bag!

That's it!  How super cute are they?  

See how I used these bags for a cute Scavenger Hunt HERE!


  1. That little face is too cute!! I really like how you attached the ribbon too! :)

    My nanny ALWAYS gave every one the exact same. She always called it "even steven". That is now a rule I live by! :)

  2. Using the same concept for B-Day or Bridal Showers - I love it... I'm running with it!! GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT blog article today...

  3. Oh I love how they turned out! They are absolutely adorable! Thanks for dropping me a line and for the plug for my blog.

  4. These are super cute!! I am definitely going to make some for next year. (I LOVE that I have a whole year to get them done!!) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love them! It's never to late for cute ideas!

  6. These are too adorable! I love the tutorial too!
    Stop by and see me at http://willcookforsmiles.blogspot.com/

  7. Fef. 08, 2012 Comments people ???? I love all shown, Bunny Bags Im making for kids in the neighborhood plus donation to Epilepsy Foundation pick up. Thanks again. Susan J

  8. Very cute but I had to lower my cut marks as the drawstring was too close to the top and pulled the ears to close which made them hard to adjust. I also added puffy balls for the eyes, drew on a nose/cheeks and put on adhesive whisker strips. Can't wait until Easter.

  9. Thanks for this tutorial. I can't wait to see the kids reaction to these.


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