June 28, 2012

Baby Bird Memorial

This quick little post has nothing to do with crafts, projects, or recipes.  However, I think it falls in the category of "too sweet not to share", so I'm sharing it!

This week the kids and I are visiting their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.   We live about an hour and a half away from my family, so while we see each other several times a year for birthdays and holidays, it's really only during this week each Summer that we can really spend a good chunk of time together.  We've been having a blast as the first cousins (all 8 of them!) go to a Vacation Bible School together in the mornings, then play together in the afternoons and have sleepovers nearly every evening.

Today, several of the cousins were walking around my parents' yard when they spotted a dead baby bird on the ground.  Its nest must have been blown out of a nearby tree.  They quickly called my Dad over and "PopPop" discreetly disposed of it.  Although the kids were accepting of this fact of nature, and understood the dangers of being a tiny baby bird on a windy day, they quickly decided the bird needed some kind of memorial.

The kids began collecting little rocks, sticks and flowers and began arranging them into a little memorial for the bird they'd named "Jet" (after one of the characters at their Bible camp).

NOTE: The actual dead bird had already been discreetly disposed of in the trash.

The adults stayed back as the kids busied themselves for close to an hour.  I admired how they accepted the death (granted the baby bird was a "stranger" not a pet), but wanted to pay their respects nonetheless.  

The cutest part was the little sayings they wrote with Grandma's Sharpie on rocks, sticks and a piece of tape...

" In Loving Memory of Jet"
" We hope Jet Goes to Baby Bird Heaven"
" We Love you Jet"

and my favorite...

"Never Saw the World". 
I'm so glad we're here enjoying the week with our extended family and also how in this unstructured time together I get another chance to see just how sweet the kids can be.


  1. Aweeee. What sweet kiddos, and this bird was so blessed by such a loving Memorial! Super Sweet Post! Loved it!

  2. that *is* so precious! what sweet, compassionate kiddos.

  3. Aw, have you ever heard of "The Dead Bird Book" by Margaret Wise Brown? (It is lesser known to her Good Night Moon)-this reminds me of that book!


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