June 25, 2012

Fun Way to Give a Cash Gift

This yet an another awesome idea I got from Erin at Making Memories with your Kids.  She is just amazing and comes up with the best fun activities and ideas.  As soon as I saw her post about The Perfect Way to Give Money , I knew I'd be using that fun idea as soon as I could.   Well, my nephew's 7th birthday party was this weekend and I knew it would such a fun gift for him.  I changed the container I used, but I kept the concept the same ~ pull on a little tab and a whole string of bills comes out!

Isn't this fun?

It was so simple to make and it was a huge hit when I gave it to my nephew.  I decorated a little wooden gift bag container I found at the craft store, but you could use a container like Erin did or even a regular gift bag or small box.

Here's how I made mine:

1.  I gathered my supplies ~ the plain wooden gift bag box from Michaels, Mod Podge and some scrapbook paper.  I also used some acrylic paint and some tissue paper (not pictured).

2.  Next, I painted the inside of the box and the edges with some acrylic paint.  I traced the four sides of the box on to the paper, cut it out and ModPodged it onto the box.

3.  I cut a coordinating piece of scrapbook paper slightly longer than the top opening of the box, and cut a slit in it large enough for a dollar bill to fit through.  I then taped one side of it to the top of the box, leaving the other side untaped so I could put the money in.

4.  Next, it was time to tape those bills together.  I just used a bit of clear scotch tape on each one. Since each bill is about 6 inches long, you end up with a nice long string of bills to pull out!

5.  All you have to do now is roll up your string of bills and put them in your little container.  Thread your first bill through the top slot and tape down the other side of the paper across the top.  I made a little "PULL HERE" Happy Birthday tab slightly larger than the opening and attached it to the top bill so the starting piece wouldn't slip back into the container.  Finally, I taped on just a little bit of tissue paper around the top so you couldn't see the start of the bills inside.

That's it, your cash is ready to give as a gift!

Want to see the gift-receiving in action?  Check out the face of this surprised and happy 7 year old!

Oh, and if you want another cash-related birthday idea, check out this Birthday Balloon Pop tradition I've started with my kids ~ so much fun!


  1. cute idea!!! I think I'll be doing this one in the future :)

  2. This is really cute, you could even make the box yourself out of cardboard. Our money is all different colors, which I could match the paper with the notes :) love this

  3. I love this for my bf's birthday...hahaha! BTW, make sure you stop by my blog and join because my first giveaway is going live in less than 24 hours!

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