June 8, 2012

Nutter Butter Flip Flops

Today was the start of summer vacation for my kids.  To celebrate the last day of school shoes and the beginning of flip flop season, we made these cute Nutter Butter flip flops.  I've seen fancier versions where the cookies are dipped in colored or decorated with various edible embellishments, but we kept it SUPER simple and just used a tube of decorating icing gel and the package of cookies.  Still lots of fun for the kids and the results were pretty yummy!

There's really nothing in the way of directions.  Open up the package of Nutter Butter cookies, open up a tube or two of decorators icing (we used sparkly gel ones), and squeeze on your flip flop straps.  I kept my sample ones really simple, but the kids added a lot more color and decorations to theirs.  (They're no dummies, they know that the more decorations they add, the more icing they get to eat!)

Check it out! 

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