June 16, 2012

Summer Fun Projects and Activities

 Welcome to our Summer Themed Collection

This themed collection of fantastic ideas to fill your summer days 
with fun projects and activities was started in the Summer of 2011.  
I'm continuing it this year so you'll have a great resource 
to turn to as you plan your summer vacation !

Ah, summer vacation!
Two months of no school, relaxed schedules,
and a chorus of the inevitable
"Mom, I'm bored!"

 I hope this themed collection gives you 
plenty of inspiration for projects and activities 
you can do with your kids.
There are ideas for outdoor play, art projects,
recipes, games and more!

Use this link party to share and be inspired
during these summer months.
 Link up any ideas you might have 
to keep kids having fun this season.

A few guidelines:
1.  You can link up as many ideas as you want, as long as they are summer-related.
 (NOTE: Your posts don't need to have been written  during the summer as long as the activities themselves are appropriate for the summer months)
2. Please don't link up your business, shop or unrelated posts.
   (To keep this collection a relevant & helpful resource, I'll delete any unrelated links)
3.  As with all my link parties, this one will be on-going, 
     so you can link up your new ideas at any time 
     and stop back often for fresh inspiration.
4.  By linking up, you're allowing me permission to feature your photo 
     and a description of your project in a "5 Fun Ideas" Featured Post. 
      (With a link back to your full post, of course)
5.  Finally, the more people who know about this collection, 
      the better it will be.  Help spread the word by including 
      a text link back to Come Together Kids.

Spread the word even further by sharing 
      this post on Facebook or Pinterest!




  1. I can't wait to go through all of the links! I'm sure my kids will not be bored this summer! Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Laura, I am new to your site and found it linked through Xhonane of Familia Catolica. I'm specifically looking for a craft to do at VBS that is somewhat simple for multi-ages (k-8th grade) dealing with the theme "Sky". Some kind of hot air balloon, or air plane or kite?? Any ideas?

  3. This collection has so many great ideas! Thank you for hosting this link up.

  4. What a wonderful post, so many activities, thanks for sharing. (Venezuela)

  5. This link party is GREAT!!! Thanks for hosting it! I love that it lasts all summer and there are so many great ideas to check out! I am sharing this on twitter, pinterest and on my next blog post! Check it out if you want!

  6. Hi from Greece.Thank you all for these great ideas.I am kindergarten teacher and i am so happy i found you .

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