June 26, 2012

Five Fun Ideas for the 4th of July

The 4th of July festivities here in the U.S. are just a week away.  Since it's the perfect, middle-of-summer reason for some fun crafts and tasty treats, I went to our awesome Summer Fun Party themed collection in search of some great patriotic ideas.  

Check out these 5 great ideas that were linked up...

{ Mom's Crafty Space }

I'm going to have to break out our old salad spinner to 
try out this cool technique.
Don't the paint splatters look just like fireworks?
I can only imagine how much fun the kids will 
have spinning some fun designs.

{ The Chocolate Muffin Tree } 

When I first saw these flags,
I thought the poles were made out of 
some sort of stick or straw.
Upon reading the whole post,
I discovered the flag and pole 
were both made from a single sheet of paper.
We'll definitely be making some of these.

{ The Iowa Farmer's Wife }

What a perfect craft for the little ones 
(and bigger kids too).
Make your handprints using paint,
then use glue and colored rice 
for some added dimension.
(Simple directions for coloring rice is given in the post)

{ Phaedra's Adventures }

We love making treats using Jello 
and these red, white & blue layers look awesome.
(Look at those maraschino cherry fuses!)
Phaedra tells us how to make the kid-friendly version
(as well as how to add the extra ingredient 
if it'll be for adults only)

{ Phaedra's Adventures }

Wow!  Phaedra has another awesome recipe 
using Jello to make a patriotic treat.
With just powdered jello and a few other ingredients
you can make colored, flavored popcorn.
I cannot wait to try this out myself
(and you could make different colors for different occasions too!)

Weren't they awesome?  I can't wait to give them all a try for the 4th of July next week (or for any other Patriotic Holiday).

As I mentioned, I collected all of these ideas from among the almost 250 amazing links at our Summer Fun Party.  Check it out if you are looking for some inspiration for kid-friendly fun!

Oh, and even though the title of this post is "5" Fun Ideas, I'm throwing in two more bonus ideas of our own.

We've made versions of these smoothie stars
several times now since Deirdre shared her guest post
and my kids love them.
It's amazing how much presentation is the key.
Regular smoothies are good,
but frozen smoothie bites in fun shapes
are just so much more special!

These strawberries were so simple to make
but looked so festive and fun.
Plus, if you eat a few, you can count them 
as your serving of fruit for the day! 

I hope you found some fun ideas in this post and I hope you have a happy and safe Fourth of July! 

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  1. I love the salad spinner art, I don't have a salad spinner though...maybe I can just have the kids roll marbles in a box...I think it might work. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Can't wait to go through this list this year and find some great activities.

    I have awarded you the sunshine award!


  3. Can I add number 6? Print and play this freebie game: Red, White, Blue and Flag - http://www.growingplay.com/freejuly4.html

  4. My son was just telling me we needed to 'settle' on our Fourth activities. Salad spinner fireworks and strawberries made the final list! Thx!

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