December 10, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Ideas ~ Week One (2012)

The kids have been really excited to see the antics of our Elf on the Shelf this year.   Our Elf isn't super fancy in his adventures, but the kids have fun with it nonetheless.  For TONS of awesome ideas to inspire your Elf, make sure you check out our Elf on the Shelf Party.  There are literally hundreds of different ideas you can use for inspiration ~ some are simple, some more elaborate, some sneaky, and some sweet!

Here's what our Elf has been up to this week...

Day 1 ~ He brought all the fixings for a yummy breakfast!  (more details HERE)

Day 2 ~ He left a message on the bathroom mirror, written in lipstick!  (Since I rarely wear lipstick, the kids asked where he got it.  I proposed that he might have borrowed it from Mrs. Claus and they got a kick out of that idea!)

 Day 3 ~ Our Elf was practicing his fine motor skills by stringing Fruit Loops on a pipe cleaner.  Notice how our smart little Elf picked out all the red and green ones and made them into a pattern !

Day 4 ~ The kids spotted our Elf sitting in the pantry sipping syrup through a straw!

Day 5 ~ He really practiced his camoflaging skills when he hid on the shelf in my son's room, blending in with a red foam finger!

Day 6 ~ We had just picked out our Christmas tree the night before.  It was set up in its stand, but had no decorations yet.  We found him perched on the curtain rod with the perfect vantage point to watch the tree trimming festivities.

Day 7 ~ Oops, he's still in the same spot.  My son theorized that he was so busy looking at all the ornaments and lights that he forgot to move.  I told him that was a very likely explanation.  (Not that Mommy was exhausted after a day at an amusement park with the kids and a night of tree trimming and fell asleep ;)  )

What has your Elf been up to?  Has he or she remembered to move every night?  Have there been any funny tricks or cute scenarios set up?   Tell me about your Elf in the comments or share your posts HERE if you've blogged about it.


  1. As a grandma with no kids at home, I've been doing a "virtual" elf this year. I've been having fun posting some of the cutest elf ideas I've come across on facebook.

  2. Our elf has been doing good and moving every night! I am so glad grandma kept the kids overnight Saturday because I needed a break! I did blog about it, and have already linked up! I will be posting an update Friday!

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