December 6, 2012

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast 2012

Last year, our Elf on the Shelf left the ingredients for a special breakfast (see last year's breakfast here).  It was a huge hit with the kids so he did the same thing this year.  Of course, once morning arrived he couldn't actually move to make the breakfast, but he'd set the table for us and left all the ingredients.  All I had to was prepare a simple, but fun, breakfast. 

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Check out our special meal...

He left me a box mix for the chocolate peppermint pancakes, so that was simple to mix and make.  A little dollop of whipped cream and some red and green sprinkles made them extra special.  Our Elf also left some fun straws to drink our hot chocolate.  The night before, he made some North Pole Grapes and they were ready and waiting for us in the freezer.  

Check them out...

frozen grapes, Christmas food ideas for kids

They were super simple to make.  Our Elf just rinsed the grapes.  While they were still wet from the rinsing, he rolled them in red decorating sugar and stuck them in the freezer.  By the next morning, they were frozen and really yummy!

As I said, it only took a few minutes to put together, not really any longer than breakfast on a regular morning.  However, the addition of the special paper plates, napkins, straws and a little bit of sprinkles really made an impression on the kids!

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