December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Time Capsule (with printables)

NOTE:  Updated version for 2014 is at the end of the post!

I know it's last minute, but this is such a cute little project and a simple way to capture some memories from 2012.  Today the kids are each making a little time capsule out of an empty 2 liter bottle.  We've added a few things to them already, and we'll add a few photos, drawings and knick knacks to them tonight before we seal them up.  

Check it out...

All you need is an empty 2-liter bottle that's been rinsed out and dried.  Peel off the label and carefully cut out a flap in the plastic where the label was.

Next, make a new label for your time capsule and fill out some important things you want to remember about 2012.  (Printables for the ones we used are at the end of this post!)

Add any extra things you want to put in.  We measured and cut out the kids' heights using some ribbon, then put the piece of ribbon in the capsule.  We also traced hands on a foam sheet and cut those out.  When we open up our time capsules, it'll be easy to see how much they've grown by holding up the ribbon and comparing handprints.

When you've included everything you want, just tape or glue closed the flap you cut in the bottle.  Put the time capsule label over the sealed flap and hide your bottle away till you decide to reopen it.  (I'm going to put ours in the attic with the Christmas decorations.  We'll open them next year on New Years Eve to look back and compare what's changed in a year).

These could also be fun to do on your child's birthday each year!

Here are the printables of the label and questionaires we used. (Just click on the images below for the PDF file)  NOTE:  There are two separate files ~ one for the label that you could use any time and one for the 2012 questionnaire.

Here is an updated version for 2013...

And Here is an updated version for 2014...


  1. Replies
    1. You're welcome! Happy New Year to you too!

  2. great something to do with my girls♥ thanks

  3. Thanks, Laura! Just printed these out to have the kids do tonight! Hope you are well and have a great New Year.

  4. Very, very cute idea! Even though it's New Year's Day, I'm still gonna do this with my grandkids - they'll love opening their bottles next New Year's Eve! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks! My son is making a time capsule in school is this will make it look fantastic.

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