December 17, 2012

Holiday Chore Naughty List

I think there are two types of vacuumers.  On the one hand, you have those who have a vacuuming routine and vacuum on a daily or weekly basis as part of their housekeeping schedule.  On the other hand, you have those who pull out the vacuum only on an as-needed basis.  I am definitely in the latter category.  I'll bring out my vacuum when I can actually see the crumbs, fuzz and little bits of this and that accumulating on my carpets or when I'm expecting company and everything gets cleaned up for guests.  Most of the year, my system suits me just fine.

 Come December, though, just like Santa I'm hard at work on my own naughty list.  On  that list goes all those things that might bring joy to our faces but dirt to my floors!

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the smell and look of our real Christmas tree, making and eating yummy treats, and working on holiday crafts with the kids.   However, all those things on the naughty list means I'm pulling out the vacuum cleaner more now than any other time of year.

Even with some fun Christmas music playing in the background, it still gets frustrating if you have to constantly lug out an old, heavy vacuum cleaner and then go back and forth over the same section of carpet just to pick up those little needles, scraps and crumbs.  Luckily this year, I've been using a new Panasonic Jetforce Vacuum ( I have model MC-UL427) and it's making the chore a whole lot easier.

A few features that I love...

  •  The suction is awesome.  Every time I use it, I keep saying to myself "Wow, it's sucky! It's very sucky!"  (Can you tell we've watched the movie "Elf" a ton of times already this year?)
  • It's really lightweight ~ less than 15 pounds and easy to move from room to room or up and down stairs.
  • It's bagless and the filter has an hourglass shape so all the dirt and dust don't clog the filter and make it lose suction.
  • It has a turbine brush attachment that makes it really easy to tackle pet hair or crumbs from carpets and furniture.
  • It has a stretch hose, wand, dusting brush and crevice tool so I can reach those pesky pine needles wherever they get tracked.
  • It has an easy to reach switch to turn off the agitator brush when you're on bare floors or using the tools.
  • And my favorite feature, the 24-foot cord retracts in an instant with a push of a button. 

My only problem with the Panasonic Jetforce Vacuum is this...

Nope, it's not the dust bin itself.  I actually find it really easy to empty and clean out.  The whole contraption lifts right off the vacuum so you can carry it over to the trashcan.  Then you just release a little clip on the bottom of it and the dirt falls right out.  Nope, my problem is that it picks up so much more than my old vacuum did.  It's a little gross seeing just how much I was missing before.  The good thing about it is that I know my carpets and floors are cleaner than they've ever been before!

How about you?  Are you a regular vacuumer or an as-needed one like me?  Would you add anything to my "naughty list" of holiday culprits?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Panasonic. I received a product to facilitate my review.  However, all the opinions stated are 100% mine and I truly did love this vacuum.


  1. I am a vacuum when I need to. The noise stresses me out! I have heard it is suppose to calm you, there is nothing calming in the noise that I can find. In fact I am very lucky my hubby is the one that does most of the vacuumining in our house.

  2. ooooh nice review - the real tree does create problems...

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