December 5, 2012

Think they're telling me something?

It's December.  How in the world did that happen so quickly?  Somehow, while I've been super busy substitute teaching, soccer and basketball practice shuttling, school project assisting, sibling fight refereeing and just general busy mom-ming, the days, weeks and months have been flying by.

 New posts will be coming.  Our Elf on the Shelf returned this week.  I figured out a cool (and super simple ) way to preserve puzzles, discovered  a yummy make-your-own hot chocolate mix, and I have some gift ideas that might be helpful if you're looking for some non-electronic ideas for your elementary schooler.  There are probably even more posts that I've taken pictures for or have in drafts that just got pushed to the side for now (gosh, working out of the home almost full time takes a lot of you).

Anyway, I didn't have to worry that I hadn't taken any of the Christmas decorations down out of the attic yet.  The girls decided to decorate the mantle on their own the other day.  While I do have a nice garland, the stockings and some other decorations that I can put up, their homemade snowflakes hung up with scotch tape and yarn will hold us over for another few days.

Oh, and they even made a sign reminding us that it's the North Pole...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's been swept up in the busy-ness of life.  Are you all equally crazy and busy too?  How do you juggle everything ~ whether you're busy working at home or out of the home?


  1. I start spinning like a top as soon as December hits.

  2. I'm substitute teaching too. Things are crazy. It is so hard to get everything done.

  3. This is so sweet - I love that they decorated the mantle - it's perfect! I think I would be sad if my life wasn't crazy this time of year! :)

  4. Between working full time at an insanely hectic and stressful job(50-60 hours a week!), the kids' school (select and wrap books for Santa to give your kids by Friday, need a moon & tree costume by next Wednesday (thanks for the notice!!!), don't forget Santa will be here Friday, don't forget to sign up for your time slot to help with activities at Santa's Workshop, are you coming to Christmas play? Are the kids practicing for the Christmas play? Don't forget to sign up for your day to come in a read Christmas stories to the kids at circle time (on a weekday at 10am), don't forget to select secret santa gifts for the kids to give at school)), and my own crazy Christmas ideas (Rise of the Guardians at the drive-in, Festival of Lights at Moody Gardens, Boat Parade in Kemah, Visit Santa's workshop, Zoo Lights, Shop for Operation Homefront, SeaWorld Christmas, Advent, Elf on the Shelf.) I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed. Not that any of it is new - except the insanely demanding school and Zoo lights - but I really want to see the zoo! :)

    Come Dec 1st our Advent tree wasn't up, our gingerbread houses weren't filled with candy (there wasn't even candy in the house to throw in them!), there was no North Pole Breakfast, and our Elf on the Shelf was no where to be found, and not a single decoration was up and I had the flu. So in an attempt to salvage it we filed a missing person's report on that darned elf - because apparently without him there is no Christmas magic in this house. Santa got the 911 and sent a substitute elf in training. Then a clone FINALLY arrived on the 3rd. Advent didn't start until the 4th. And we still don't have books wrapped for our book advent. The elf is wrapping 1 or 2 a day now and may continue to do so for the rest of this year.

    And did I mention that Christmas cards aren't yet designed, must less mailed!, probably because there are no photos without pumpkins or soccer uniforms to go in them, and tball starts the 2nd week in January and we have to find a LEFT Handed kids glove before then? And bikes for Santa to bring because othan than a sleigh that's all they want for Christmas or so they told Santa a week ago, and mentioned to the elf again yesterday. And my husband is going to be MIA for half the month on a business trip, and I have 0 vacation left for the year in which to pull off any of these miracles.

    So, no. You aren't alone. :) And how does it get managed? With a to do list, and one day at a time. Wish my mom lived closer, because even though she thinks it's complete insane and over the top I know she would love to help.

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