April 5, 2011

Amazing Playhouses and Amazing Giveaway

Check out these amazing playhouses!  They're made out of felt and slip right over a card table.   How perfect is that?  You can set them up anywhere to play, but then easily fold them up to store them when not in use.

Now, I only wish I could say these playhouses were made by me.   I can say, though, that I've been admiring them for MONTHS ever since I saw them at Miss Pretty Pretty's shop on Etsy.   She has dozens of them, each one more amazing than the last.

When I found out that Tammy at She Wears Flowers was hosting a giveaway to win one of these playhouses, I was eager to help spread the word.  (I know I'm entering the giveaway, my kids would go nuts over one of these houses ~ way better than the sheets and towels they currently use for a clubhouse! ;)  )  For all the giveaway details and to enter, go to She Wears Flowers.  Oh, and after you enter the giveaway there, be sure to look around Tammy's blog for a bit, she has a ton of awesome projects and tutorials for your kids and your home.

How sweet is this?

Check out this Pirate one!

This one would be perfect for a boy and girl to share.

You could set up your "tent" indoors or out.


  1. I LOVE this! My girls would love the pink one! What a cute idea. Jpnlpinlove@gmail.com

  2. Aren't they awesome? Make sure you go to http://www.she-wears-flowers.com/2011/04/mazing-giveaway.html to enter the giveaway (any comments here don't count as an entry!)

  3. Thanks so much for participating--it looks great! And, thank you, especially, for those kind compliments. I really appreciate that!

  4. I've always been a fan of those playhouses! Thanks for the heads-up! :)

  5. Oh, those are adorable! My kids are 18 and 16 now, but I know they would have LOVED playing in those great playhouses! Very talented :)
    Loved visiting your blog - take care and God bless :)

  6. SO CUTE!! I'm sure my grandsons would enjoy! Thank you for heading us towards Tammy!


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