April 24, 2011

Sherwood Gardens (Baltimore, MD)

Happy Easter, Everyone!

Not only did the kids get a huge kick out of their Easter Scavenger Hunt this morning and not only was it a gorgeous 85 degrees here in Maryland today, but Easter coincided perfectly with the tulips being in full bloom at Sherwood Gardens in Baltimore!  So, after church, while the kids were still dressed in their Easter best, we went to walk through the gardens and snap a few pictures!

If you're lucky enough to be local or if you're ever in Baltimore in late April / early May, it's definitely worth a stop.  You can even combine a stroll through the gardens with other stops.   They're very close to the Johns Hopkins University campus and the Baltimore Museum of Art and less than 20 minutes from the Maryland Zoo and the downtown Inner Harbor attractions.

Aren't they gorgeous?

Over 80,000 bulbs are planted each year.

They weren't fighting and I got it on camera!

Guess whose  favorite color is yellow?

Like twins, but just sisters ~ they call themselves "twisters"!

Not even posed!  He actually enjoyed himself at the gardens (after some initial grouchiness!)

Tulips of every color!

My beautiful oldest daughter!

Doesn't he look so handsome?

My little princess!


  1. The pictures are beautiful and oh yes the flowers are cute lol... Today was a quiet day for us. Here in Rufus, OR a rain storm for the best part of the morning and then tampered off but was very windy. And so I am in envy of you Maryland weather (I'm a CT girl and miss home).

    Happy Easter!!

  2. wow.. nice to know your blog, i'll be visiting again

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! Your kids are adorable and the gardens look like a great place to visit...I've never heard of Sherwood before. We've been to Brookside Gardens, but I'll have to check this one out. Happy Easter!

  4. Greetings, very pleased I found your site. I used to live in Baltimore (Cockeysville) for 5 years. Looking at those pictures of Sherwood Gardens sure brought me back lots of good memories. Congratulations for having such a beautiful kids.
    Good site. Thanks for sharing your projects and ideas.


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