April 25, 2011

If I was a better blogger...

...  I'd be organized enough to have all my holiday projects completed well before the holiday.  I'd have the posts written in plenty of time so you could do your own holiday project with time to spare.

Unfortunately, I'm not that kind of blogger.  I'm just me ~ a sometimes creative, but always last-minute kind of crafter.  I might be able to do a few things ahead of time, but the majority of my "work" is done late at night in the few days before a deadline, event or holiday.  As much as I'd like to change, this is how I've operated for a few decades now, so I wouldn't bet on it.

So, even though Easter is over, I still have a few cute projects to share with you this week.  Some of them, you might be able to adapt to other events or holidays.  For the other, more Easter-specific crafts, well, you have a REALLY AWESOME head start on getting them done for next year!  :D


  1. That is so totally me too :-). I always stress out to get things done- when I should have just started them earlier. I do my best work under pressure- but my family will sometimes pay the price- oh how I wish I could change :-)

  2. I am SO there...I look forward to my super duper head start! :-)

  3. I'm with you, Laura and so glad I'm not alone!

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