April 16, 2011

My Handsome Little Clown

This isn't really much of a tutorial, but rather just a chance to be a proud mommy and show off my little guy as he had his first speaking role in his class musical.

Presenting my son as ... Clown #1

Pretty darn cute, don't you think?

Speaking loud and clear on stage!

I kept his costume pretty simple.  I picked up a easy pattern for pajama pants and some bright colored fabric.  After a couple tries, I was able to figure out how to make the different panels for each leg out of the different fabrics.    

I think there are some people in this world who can easily follow and adapt a pattern and those who can't ~ I'm definitely in the latter group! Luckily I do most of my patterned sewing when the kids aren't around so they don't hear my cursing.  ;)     

After I got the pants sewn, I winged it to create a big bow tie and some suspenders.

At the bottom of each pant leg, I added a bit of yellow fabric to coordinate with his polo shirt.  ( I totally cheated here and used Heat n Bond iron on adhesive to attach it instead of sewing. )  Then I cut a strip of orange fleece and cheated again ~ hot-gluing it on to look like a ruffled trim.

Up close you can see my shortcuts, but it looked fine up on stage.  

So proud of his big debut!


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